Aluminum Alloy Insulated Wire Rope Pulling Conductor Cable Grip Come Along Clamp


The Come Along Clamp from quality materials are very durable and robust.

Our Come along clamps  are safetytools for tensioning copperropes, Aluminum Ropes AAAC and AAC, Aluminum Ropes with ACSR Steel sheath or Steel Sheathing ACSS, Bundle Cable ABC, insulated overhead Cables, profile bar, flat bar and rail systems.

Come along clamps are required in industry, bridge construction, emergency rescue elevators, agriculture for the safe clamping of cables and can be used universally. The clamping jaws of the respective cable clamping clamps are always optimally made to the respective ropes.

The constant monitoring of the Production, as well as regular inspections and loading tests guarantee the maximum safety for the Tools of Line Construction and Telegraphic Tools. Constantly working on new and further Development and improve the Manufacturing Process.

We specializes in  developing and exporting Electric and telecommunication tools.

Such as Fiberglass Duct Rodder, Cable Roller,Engine Powered Winch,Cable Grip. 

Also we have FRP Grating,Ratchet Cable Cutter and other handle tools.

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