Fiberglass duct rodder type and application


Fiberglass duct rodder type and application


Portable Duct Rodder


Mainly application: Used to guide through confined spaces such as wall cavities in the building, which is an ideal tools for electric wire laying.


Wheeled Duct Rodder


Mainly application: Commonly used for cable laying in the conduit or the cable pipe cleaning underground. It can be made the work finished easily and efficiently. 


Traceable Duct Rodder


Mainly application: incorporates a or some pieces copper trace wires in the rod for locating and tracing underground conduit or pipe without digging or trenching.


Cable Puller Feature


1. Long using time

2.Strong and Durable

3.Good Toughess


Fish Tape

A fish tape (also known as a draw wire or draw tape) is a tool used by electricians to  route new wiring through walls and electrical conduit.

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