Nylon Hanging Cable Roller
  • Nylon Hanging Cable Roller
  • Nylon Hanging Cable Roller

Nylon Hanging Cable Roller

Description of Nylon rope pulley :

a. We manufacture a lot of models for different uses in the overhead transmission line construction.

b. They have are used to support conductors,OPGW,ADSS, communicatio lines.

c. The sheave of the pulley blocks are made from higth strength nylon,or aluminum materials ,and the frame of blocks are made of galvanized steel.The lateral ones are mounted on ball bearings.

Remarks:All kinds of pulley blocks can be manufactured according to the customers's requirements.

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CodeModelOuter dia*wheel widthRated loadWeightRemarks
HE02540.5AD80*50mm5KN1.9kgAluminum wheel
HE02550.5BD80*50mm5KN2.1kgNylon wheel
HE02562AD120*60mm20KN2.5kgAluminum wheel
HE02572BD120*60mm20KN3.5kgNylon wheel

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